The Ultimate 3-Minute Recovery

Restore your mind and body from stress & soreness within 3-minutes.

  • Peak Power Unleashed

    Whether you're an athlete or not, the SHIV Recovery Pod is designed to soothe your aching muscles and speed up recovery, so you can perform at your best and stay ahead of the game

  • Relieve Stress & Anxiety

    Cold water immersion triggers a release of dopamine and seratonin which promotes natural mood-boosting effects and overall happiness.

  • Travel Friendly

    Take the Shiv Recovery Pod by the garden, in your living room, by the beach, anywhere so you don't miss an ice plunge session. Assembles in 5 minutes.

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"Not only has the SHIV Recovery Pod helped me recover physically, but it has also reduced my stress levels and improved my overall mental well-being." - Ryan M.

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